Fresh Early Spring Teas Are In!

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Halfway across the world, the early spring harvest of tea in Yunnan, China, is in full swing. Also known as the first flush, (summer and autumn being the second and third flush, respectively), the spring harvest is the most prized because the concentration of aromatic oils in the plant is the strongest.

Here at Stone Leaf we have just received three early spring harvest teas from Yunnan. The first is our Early Spring Snow Buds (perfect for this tine of year…this year anyway!) It’s silky, smooth, and floral with a sweet, lingering aftertaste. Hints of vanilla and peach make it particularly appealing.

Our second fresh tea is a completely new one for us…Simao Green tea. Aromas of caramelized sugar give way to a very vegetal, full-bodied, and rich cup, with a hint of chestnut.

Our new Early Spring Golden Strands is in! From Simao (region of Yunnan), this tea is rich and silky, with notes of caramel, cacao, fig, and honey.

Be sure to ask about our new spring teas when you visit us or look them up on our site! We’ll have more spring teas arriving soon, including the much-anticipated Bi Luo Chun.

Lastly, John and Sebastian are in Yunnan to taste teas and visit growers; we will keep you advised of their tea travels here on the blog, so check back soon for updates on their first adventure…


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