Fresh winter oolong harvests have arrived!

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Happy New Year! 2014 has arrived and so have the new Taiwan Oolong teas. These bright and delicate High Mountain Oolongs embody revitalizing characteristics of the New Year. Celebrate January with our fresh winter harvests!

The Ali Shan winter harvest is unroasted which evokes a crisp lightness from its body and a sweet burst through the finish. It is perfect for countering winter’s cold, dark bite. We are also fully stocked with a winter harvest of Ali Shan Zin Hsuan or Milk Oolong, which has an exceptionally smooth and buttery texture; a real treat for the senses this time of year. If you’re looking for something a bit darker, the Tung Ting (pictured) will satisfy any craving for a roasted tea. A medium roast, this tea is a crisp awakening. With its sweet toasty aroma this tea is sure to warm you up! It has a light and sophisticated sweetness with endnotes of honey. Slightly dry, this tea reminds me of sipping an elegant champagne. This winter’s Four Seasons is also in. Very lightly roasted, it has distinct floral notes and acts as a reminder that spring is on its way.



Suggested brewing techniques:

I find these teas infuse best in either a small yixing clay pot or a small gaiwan (about 150ml-300ml). I use about a tablespoon or two of tea depending on the pot size and how strong I’m brewing my tea (remember that the tightly rolled oolong teas will expand quite a bit). Give the leaves a quick rinse with water hot off the boil. This will help to gently wake the leaves from their tight roll. Now fill the pot or gaiwan with water hot off the boil and let the leaves infuse for about 30 seconds. Pour into pitcher and enjoy! These teas are great for multiple infusions. A little more time may be added to each additional infusion. Feel free to write with any thoughts or brewing questions!

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