Happy Chinese New Year!

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       Happy Chinese New Year from Stone Leaf Teahouse! This year is the year of the wooden horse. Each year is assigned to a different animal and to one of five elements; metal, wood, earth water and fire. The symbolic horse represents fire, which will bring a plenty of energy into the New Year.  The wood element embodies a reaching onwards and upwards while simultaneously achieving firmness in roots and principles. As these two collide, astrological philosophers speculate that the fire of the horse may ignite the wood in a tumultuous fashion. Perhaps, instead this bright energy brought on by the horse will drive an onward reach to bring forth new and unexpected possibilities. However you choose to look at it, the Chinese New Year undoubtedly marks the approach of spring. So, new growth, extended daylight, and spring tea harvests most certainly await.

Chinese New Year Celebration

    Luckily, at Stone Leaf Tea, we don’t spend too much time speculating about the year ahead. The Chinese New Year also offers a festive occasion to celebrate Chinese art and traditions. Tea serves as a central part of China’s history and culture and thus it feels appropriate to share tea with family and friends in celebration of the year ahead. We are celebrating the New Year and the anticipation of spring with a fitting tea: 2011 Dehong Wild Tree Raw Puer Cha. Wrapped in bamboo leaf and wild in character, this tea has bright and firey properties. It will waken and sooth with its peppery bite and warm maple sugar notes. This raw puer is light and green in color, which evokes its woody properties. It is grounding in its fullness and will last for multiple infusions proving a fine tea for its endurance. The New Year celebration typically lasts for two weeks so in honor of the Wooden Horse, Stone Leaf Tea will offer $2.00 off a pot of the 2011 Dehong Wild Tree Raw Puer Cha and 20% off bulk purchases of this tasty tea until February 13th, 2014. Come in and enjoy this old favorite or try it for the first time! If ordering online, use discount code: WoodenHorse. Enjoy!

Dehong Wild Tree
Yunnan Wild Tea Tree


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