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                                                       Yixing Plum Blossom Teapot

Plum Blossom Yixing

By far the easiest and best way to brew loose leaf tea… a teapot!  This beautiful and functional 8 oz. Yixing clay teapot is great for brewing any kind of tea.  A built in strainer prevents clogging and the compact, comfortable shape means convenient pouring.  The unglazed clay will season as it ages, and the hand crafted plum blossom overlay design makes for a fine looking teapot!

Now only $29


      Large Round Glass Teapot

27 oz. Glass Teapot

An exceptionally useful, 27 oz, tempered glass teapot.  Elegant and practical, it is big enough to share with several friends and comes with a glass infuser insert.  Just fill the pot with hot water, put your tea into the infuser, and lower the infuser into the pot.  When the tea is ready, simply remove the infuser and serve.  Works for any tea, but Ideal for black and herbal teas.  An easy and fun way to make loose leaf tea!

Now only $33


Glass Travel Jar

            Double Wall Glass Travel Jar

The perfect travel companion!  Great for cars, trucks, busses, planes, boats, homes, offices, parks, mountaintops, riverbeds, deserted islands, and everywhere in between.  This 11 oz. travel jar comes with a snap in strainer for easy steeping and drinking.  Just put some of your favorite tea inside, fill with water, and you’re ready to go.  The strainer keeps the leaves out of your mouth and the double walled glass keeps your hands cool.

An ideal gift for the tea lover on the go!

Now only $19.50


Bamboo Box Tea Tray

            Bamboo Box Tea Tray

Brew tea cleanly and neatly at home with this handsome bamboo tea tray.  Slots on the top allow for excess water to drain into the box.  When your finished, the lid comes off for easy disposal of any trapped tea, water, or leaves.  Now you can easily spill and make a mess with no worries!

Now only $27


Black Tea

Kuwapani Second Flush

Nepal Kuwapani 2nd Flush

Bold, nutty, sweet and savory  A great black tea to take you through the winter and into the spring.  Equally ideal as a morning breakfast tea or an afternoon pick me up!

Carefully grown and processed in the heart of the Himalayas, this tea has delicate, tippy aroma and rich leaf flavor.

Now only $9.60/100 g,

$16/200 g, and $27/400 g


Darjeeling 1st Flush

  Darjeeling 1st Flush – Dooteriah Estate

An amazingly light and delicate black tea from the Himalayas.  Grown in Darjeeling’s East Valley by the renowned, family owned, Dooteriah Estate, this invigorating 1st Flush spring tea has a crisp muscatel aroma and lasting dry tannins.  Brisk and refreshing!

Now only $14.40/100 g,

$28/200 g, and $40/300 g


Oolong Tea   

Bai Hao

Bai Hao

Dark, but not overly roasted tasting, this oolong tea is unlike any other.  Deep, sweet, honey and fruit flavors make this tea extremely drinkable.  Robust, full flavors are balanced by delicate aromatics and a smooth, silky mouth feel.  Also know as Eastern Beauty for its enchanting dry leaf appearance and and sparkling golden liquor!

Now only $25.60/100 g

and $36/150 g

Gui Fei Cha

                     Gui Fei Cha

Literally translated as “Precious Concubine”, this unique oolong tea indeed lives up to its revered moniker.  Similar in style to the Bai Hao in that it is technically an Eastern Beauty tea, this tea is processed and roasted like other rolled oolongs from central Taiwan.  A heavily roasted flavor and a deep sweetness make this tea hard to put down.

Now only $20.80/100 g

and $25.60/150 g


Green Tea

Yunnan Cui Ming Autumn 2011
Yunnan Cui Ming

                 Yunnan Cui Ming

A fantastic fall harvest green tea from the legendary tea producing province of Yunnan.  Tender young leaves and buds give this fresh green tea a soft and delicate flavor with a sweet and slightly nutty aroma.  A great gift for the green tea lover in your life!

Now only $9.60/100g

and $16/200 g


Sale ends December 31st!

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