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Just in time for the Holidays, new tea ware perfect for the tea lover in your life.


Hand made tea ware from the Houzan family in Shigaraki, Japan exclusively at Stone Leaf Teahouse


Exquisite side handle kyusu pot perfect for sharing Japanese tea with a friend


Small Kyusu

Mr Houzan’s finely crafted version of a kyusu for a single tea drinker.

Small Kyusu Set

Houzans full set complete with two cups and a cooling pitcher

Single Houzan Cup

Simple, functional, and beautiful

Houzan Cooler

Ideal for cooling water to make green tea, but functional as a small serving pitcher too.


Travel Jars

New and improved travel jars perfect for tea on the go!

Large Glass Jar

Nice and big 16+oz travel jar.  Double walled glass with a stainless steel strainer.

Yixing Clay Lined Jars

Black and Brown

A great way to travel with tea.  Yixing lining makes for a clean taste and a great look.

Now on sale – only $14


Moroccan and Turkish glasses

Authentic middle eastern tea glasses.  Great for any tea!


Puer Pick

A stylish tool for breaking up your favorite Puer cake.

Gourd Strainer

An easy to use strainer made from a real gourd with a silk strainer

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  1. Hmm, think it might be time to add some Turkish (or Moroccan) glasses to my life…

    And that’s a beautiful kyusu set.

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