2012 Haiwan Bing Cha

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A great bing cha from the relatively new Haiwan Factory in Anning, Yunnan. Raw material from Menghai County fermented and pressed at the Haiwan factory under the supervision of the former manager of the famous Menghai Tea Factory. This tea has a similar flavor profile to some of the more expensive Menghai Puers, but at a fraction of the cost.

Aged for 2 years in Yunnan, China before coming to Vermont for long term aging, this ripe Puer is just coming into its own. The brewed liquor is a deep brown with a touch of red wine hue along the edge of the cup. The strong fermented flavors have mellowed nicely leaving smooth woody flavors, fragrant earth aromas, and hints of licorice and sweet clove. A very clean tasting ripe puer with subtle complexity and superior character.


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1 review for 2012 Haiwan Bing Cha

  1. Santiago (verified owner)

    Doesnt its not completely terrible, but its definitely not earthy or woody. The tea has a fishy smell and taste.

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