Ai Lao Shan 2018 Ancient Tree 200g Cake

Ai Lao Shan

Gu Shu Sheng Puer Cha

Pressed in Summer 2018 –  200g cakes

Gu Shu = 古树 = Ancient Tree = 100+ year old tea trees

Aged for two years in Jinghong, this Ancient Tree raw puer has seasoned remarkably well. Rinse the leaves to release a warm aroma of cinnamon, then enjoy many golden-amber pearlescent infusions, as this tea will give many times over. A great example of a raw puer that shows the good side of both youth and age!

We’re so fortunate to get this true AncientTree Puer for this price, so please enjoy!

Small batch custom pressing for Stone Leaf Teahouse. Only 10 kg available!










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