Ali Shan Hong Cha

High Mountain Black Tea from Taiwan

Winter 2018 Harvest

Zin Hsuan Cultivar

We asked Liao, our Taiwanese tea expert, to search for a new hong cha (black tea) to replace our ever-popular Pinglin Hong Cha. After many travels, trials, and tribulations he found this one of a kind black tea from the high mountain region of Ali Shan.

Ali Shan is more famous for its lightly oxidized oolong tea (see Ali Shan Oolong), but its unique location also has the right conditions for carefully crafted black tea. Infusing a pot of Ali Shan Hong Cha can be either a focused gongfu session or simple morning/afternoon wakeup tea. Large lightly curled leaf open up to a deep honey infusion with notes of cacao, raisins, and apricot. Similar to our Organic Nepal Imperial Black, but a notch more smooth and refined…but not in a stuckup way, it still satisfies like a warm hug for the soul.

If you are looking for Taiwanese black tea from Sunmoon Lake and/or Taiwan no.18 Hong Yu varietal, then this is the tea for you. This high grade Taiwanese hong cha is comparable to any high grade no.18…just more honest and at a better price. But don’t take our word for it, try for yourself and see.





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