Ali Shan Spring

Spring 2023

Chaiyi County, Taiwan
High Mountain Oolong


(清心烏龍) Qing Xin – Green Heart Oolong Cultivar

Tea Farmer Wu Chiu-lan

Grown in the most famed high mountain region in all of Taiwan, Ali Mountain tea is the benchmark for full flavored high mountain oolong tea.  A rich, creamy mouth feel with soft fruit flavors and an enchanting tropical aroma. A truly satisfying tea with enough body to please the taste buds and enough delicate complexity to please the true connoisseur.

A beautiful Spring Harvest tea…Deep green, tightly rolled leaves reveal a sweet coconut aroma with a hint of plumeria blossoms and fresh tree bark.

150g packaged in vacuum sealed bags.

Harvested in May 2023




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