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Caffeine-free Herbal

Hydrangea macrophylla var. thunbergii.

Kunohe Town, Japan


A truly unique herbal from Japan, Amacha, or “Buddha’s Tears” is a naturally sweet (nothing added) leaf of a special varietal of Hydrangea (macrophylla var. thunbergii), containing large amounts of the component Phyllodulcin. Harvested just before flowering, the leaf captures the sweetness of this famously fragrant plant (over 200 times as sweet as sugar!). The levels of phyllodulcin are increased via the method of tea production by the farmers, whereby after harvest, the leaves are expertly rolled, fermented, & dried.

Grown in the northern mountains of Kunohe town of Iwate Prefecture in northern Japan, an ideal environment with its cool mountains (famous for pristine nature and fireflies!). To preserve this pristine environment and ensure safety, our amacha is grown without use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

This tea can both be ceremonial in nature, as it is traditionally used in Japan for the Buddha’s birthday on April 8, and also an every day caffeine-free herbal tea. A little goes a long way, as just 2 or 3 of these delicately curled leaves will sweeten your cup. Great on its own, as well as added to other teas to sweeten them up!

Amacha Import Update: High demand has caused a large price spike in Amacha, we apologize for the higher price for our regular customers…we’ll do our best to keep prices lower. Contact us with any questions or if we can help.



1 review for Amacha

  1. Ali (verified owner)

    This tea is great quality! It’s delicious on its own, but I also like to add just one leaf to other teas to act as sweetener, without the calories. It has a unique type of sweetness that lingers on the tongue, and it tastes great!

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