Artist Lin Oolong

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Spring 2019

Renai Township, Taiwan

A fantastic, organically grown, high mountain oolong from Ren Ai Township in central Taiwan. Carefully grown and processed by Artist Lin, this unique oolong really showcases the craftsmanship of a highly skilled tea maker.

Entirely unique, Artist Lin cares for the tea plants, harvests, and makes the tea all on his own. His one-of-a-kind tea garden is full of life; insects buzzing, spiders making webs, and butterflies abound. We’ve truly never seen such a vibrant garden.

Every small batch is entirely handmade by Artist Lin, so every batch is unique, with a note of wildness. This years harvest is lightly roasted for a dynamically full cup…notes of starfruit and watermelon, and a touch of toasted pinenuts.

See more from our travels to visit Artist Lin here!

Sadly, Artist Lin’s had to move from his tea garden…so this is the last of his tea for now…please do enjoy this very special tea while it lasts!




1 review for Artist Lin Oolong

  1. Alex Glassman (verified owner)

    It was like drinking a delicious vegetable broth. Wonderful flavor!

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