Artist Lin Oolong

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Spring 2019

Renai Township, Taiwan

A fantastic, organically grown, high mountain oolong from Ren Ai Township in central Taiwan. Carefully grown and processed by Artist Lin, this unique oolong really showcases the craftsmanship of a highly skilled tea maker.

Entirely unique, Artist Lin cares for the tea plants, harvests, and makes the tea all on his own. His one-of-a-kind tea garden is full of life; insects buzzing, spiders making webs, and butterflies abound. We’ve truly never seen such a vibrant garden.

Every small batch is entirely handmade by Artist Lin, so every batch is unique, with a note of wildness. This years harvest is lightly roasted for a dynamically full cup…notes of starfruit and watermelon topped with toasted pinenuts (or something like that :).

See more from our travels to visit Artist Lin here!




1 review for Artist Lin Oolong

  1. Alex Glassman (verified owner)

    It was like drinking a delicious vegetable broth. Wonderful flavor!

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