Autumn Tea Workshop Series

Join us in our 3 part Autumn Tea Workshop Series at Stone Leaf Teahouse in Middlebury! Sign up for any you chose, or if you like, all three at a discount! Space is limited…

Tea 101 – Through The Senses

Saturday October 7th 9:30am to 11 @ Stone Leaf Teahouse

Do you know how to tell the difference between white, green, oolong, black and puer tea?

In this workshop we will taste, smell, see, feel and yes hear our way through ten different unique teas. We will use our senses to build an evocative vocabulary which will allow you to tell the differences between teas. Roasted, bright, floral, red, yellow, sweet, robust, earthy, rich, and even “funky” are just some of the words we will use to help you walk away from this one-and-a-half hour workshop with serious tea skills.

Don’t worry, there will be no grades. Only a trick or two to impress your friends with, at a birthday party, a family reunion, or even on the plane. 1.5 hours.

Tea 102 – The Art and Science of Tea Making

November 4th. 9:30am to 11 @ Stone Leaf Teahouse

Join us for a more in-depth version of the first workshop. We’ll build upon our sense exploration to get into why teas taste, look, and are different through both botanical distinctions and the human hand.  We’ll explore how the tea farmers’ methods of processing, fermentation, withering, pressing drastically change the tea you drink in your cup! This will be aided by photos taken from our travels over the past 11 years! 1.5 hours.

Tea 103 – Tea Through the Ages: Stories that ensnare

December 2nd. 9:30am-11@ Stone Leaf Teahouse

Join us for a wintry workshop with both tea drinking and story telling intertwined. Not just any stories, but stories of the teas that we’ll be drinking! Some are famous throughout the tea world, others will be lesser known. We won’t get into the nuances of tasting for this one…but we will get into the history, lands, and stories which making up the culture of tea.


Pre-registration is required for all Workshops. In the event you have to cancel, we will refund your payment in full (or give store credit) if notified more than 7 days before the event date. Up to 24 hours before the event, we will refund with store credit only. Thankyou! This takes so much preparation for us, so knowing how many are attending is very important. Many thankyou’s for your understanding.




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