Ba Meng Hong Cha

Spring 2017

Ba Meng Village Black Tea

A rich black tea from our friends at Ba Meng Village near Meng Song, China. Grown and processed by the Hani ethnic group high in the hills of Xishuangbanna, this robust black tea is unique in character, fulfilling as both a strong cup of morning tea and as a special occasion tea. Hand-processing and wood-fired heating add complexity to the full-bodied tea. Heavily oxidized with many golden tips and a distinct dry finish. Notes of cacao, black pepper, and allspice.

A year of aging at the tea garden in Xishuangbanna has added to the depth of this tea…it has settled in nicely!


OUT OF STOCK! MORE COMIN’ SOMETIME…when…good question! We hope soon!

In the meantime, we’re drinking: Yunnan Gold and Organic Nepal Imperial Black!