Bai Hao (Asian Beauty)

Taiwan, Summer 2019 Harvest
Sweet Honey Aroma

Name: 白毫(東方美人) Dōngfāng měirén

Varietal: Green Heart/Very Slow Growing Variety, 青心大慢種 Qīng xīn dà màn zhǒng

Bug Name: Tea Small Green Leaf Cicada, 茶小绿叶蝉, Chá xiǎo lǜyè chán

Grown in Hsin Chu, Taiwan.


Also called Eastern Beauty or Asian Beauty, a heavily oxidized oolong renown for its smooth taste and sweet honey aroma. A unique variety created with the gentle help of friendly tea leaf hoppers.

Smooth like silk, sweet like warm honey, with notes of cinnamon, clove, and citrus..a beautiful bright amber/red cup.


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