Benefit Tea Tasting Sampler

For our first tea sampler, we’re happy to collaborate with The Other Tea Lady for her Benefit Virtual Tea Workshop coming up  on December 6th!

Each type is from the same tree, Camellia sinensis…just different due to mother nature and human crafting! We’re including three very different teas from China…one Oolong, White, and Black Tea:

If you’d like to sign up for the workshop, please also visit The Other Tea Lady’s page for more info. Her workshops donate to great causes, and in this case, to Migrant Justice.

This sampler is available for purchase for those attending the workshop, and everyone else!

AND…we will also donate a portion of every purchase to Migrant Justice.

Select from:

  • Sample size of 10g each, we’ll donate $4
  • 50g of each tea, we’ll donate $8
  • 100g of each tea, and we’ll donate $12

Price does not include shipping.




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