Bu Lang Lao Cha Tou – Puer Nuggets

“Old Tea Nuggets”  老茶頭

Bu Lang Mountain 2019

Lao Cha Tou is a ripe Puer naturally compressed during the fermentation stage of processing. Tea leaf is piled and kept wet, which leads to some heat, and therefore, fermentation. The piles are stirred, but occasionally the heat and pressure cause some leaf to stick together in “nuggets”.

This Lao cha tou from Bu Lang Shan is full of good quality small nuggets, which give a lighter smoother side of ripe puer. If you like that strong cup, feel free to use a little more than you normally would for your ripe puer!

Each cup yields a reddish amber hue, with a smooth full cup of earthy goodness and notes of portobello, cloves, and a hint of maple on the finish. This tea is a champion of keeping the flavor for many infusions, so tis ideal to sit with for a spell.




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