Charcoal Roasted Ali Shan ZS

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Autumn 2017

Starting with the bright green leaf of Ali Shan Zin Hsuan 1st Harvest, we slow roasted this oolong over Addison County applewood and oak. The result is a golden smooth aromatic cup with aromatic notes of oak leaf (surprise!), sweet warmed butter, and a touch of dryness in the finish.

Our roasting process is based on both watching and learning from the experts, as well as experimenting and building with what we have locally available. The traditional method of roasting is not very common, as the efficiency and consistency of electric methods have overtaken in many regions. Thus, our efforts to experiment, and see what complexities we can bring out in the tea from the traditional methods.



1 review for Charcoal Roasted Ali Shan ZS

  1. myordersare (verified owner)

    For me it’s more of a slight plum fragrance, especially as the steepings progress, much like a Li Shan/Ali Shan/Nai Xiang/Milk Oolong from the Ali Shan region of Taiwan. Occasionally I think Crayola (in a good way). The roasted aspect for me is lost after the first couple of steepings but yes, I can almost taste oak amidst the hint of smoke. Maybe. Creamy, but I hesitate to call it buttery. Overall, falls just short of the usual Ali Shans I obtain, much like Shui Xian does for me vs the more complex and richer Da Hong Pao. Similar but different. However, complex enough to keep me guessing and astringent enough to make me keep drinking even after I think I’m done with it. Quite an interesting take on it and I bet different batches are, well, different. I’m also aware that I am just now trying it, so it may have aged somewhat.

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