Charcoal Roasted Tung Ting

Autumn 2016

Tung Ting Spring 2016 Harvest

We’ve been roasting at Stone Leaf now for 7 years, specializing in Taiwan Oolongs. This is our first year expanding to learning the art of fire and charcoal roasting, making our own charcoal (an art in its own right), and experimenting with different woods. For our Tung Ting Charcoal Roast, we selected Applewood locally harvested from Addison County, here in Vermont.

Our roasting process is based on both watching and learning from the experts, as well as experimenting and building with what we have locally available. The traditional method of roasting is not very common, as the efficiency and consistency of electric methods have overtaken in many regions. Thus, our efforts to experiment, and see what complexities we can bring out in the tea from the traditional methods.

This Autumn’s charcoal roast has both the aroma and taste of warmed raw honey, with notes of oak and vanilla.




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