China Tea Travels Workshop

When: Saturday May 6th

Time: 1-2:30pm

Where: The Illuminate Space (building next to Stone Leaf Teahouse)

Just returned from our travels to Yunnan Province, we’ll feature many teas from our trip in a tasting supplemented with photos and discussion.

Yunnan is home to the infamous Puer Tea, a style of tea that is full of history and curiosity. We’ll explore the Ancient Tea Trees, hundreds of years old, as well as the techniques of curing Ripe Shu Cha, and pressing into cakes of many sizes and shapes. We’ll introduce you to the farmers (through stories and photos…we’d LOVE to have them visit someday too..but we must be patient!) who care for the trees and make the teas.

So much to it all, we’ll just be diving in…

Join us if you will.



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