Da Hong Pao – Gold Medal

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Wuyi Shan, Fujian, China
Spring 2023
“Big Red Robe”

It is hard to overstate how good this tea is. Master Wang’s Da Hong Pao was harvested in the Wu Yi Shan Protected Area and masterfully crafted a family that’s been making tea for generations. Carefully roasted over charcoal in the traditional method giving it a complex and perfectly balanced flavor. Incredibly aromatic with notes of citrus, peach, and cherry with a subtle floral sweetness. The flavor is smooth, mellow, roasted, and fruity.

We are eternally grateful to have met Tea Farmer Wang on our 2013 trip to Wu Yi Shan.

Each sealed package contains 10g of tea.

Package design may vary!



1 review for Da Hong Pao – Gold Medal

  1. Whitney (verified owner)

    Very good da hong pao (mine said 2019, but def. ordered from the page stating 2018, if that’s helpful). I get a sense of melon up front followed closely by the usual mineral flavour I adore. Second steeping just as good as the first but the melon hint is mostly lost. Third is mostly mineral with a bit of fruity astringency. I don’t expect much out of #4, which I’ve left steeping as I wrote this… da hong paos never last four steepings for me, more of a desperate coax… pleeeeeeeeeease give me more… I’ll take anything you can give me… haha. This is one of those where you need to have a couple packages on hand to make sure you get your fix long enough, it’s such a tease to the palate!

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