Da Yu Ling #103k

Spring 2016

103k, 2500 meters


Famous for its pristine and remote steep slopes, Da Yu Ling tea has become increasingly sought after by tea enthusiasts. Naturally limited in production by its remote nature at high elevations (2000-2600 meters), this tea is evermore scarce due to the government program returning 90% tea garden lands to naturally growing forest. Yes, a good thing overall, but it makes it that much more difficult to source.

Fortunately, we introduce to you General In and Mother In’s Da Yu Ling tea. Managed by the retired World War II hero and his wife, this remote garden is a rare one that has kept its tea garden…one of the 10% left.

Utilizing traditional production methods, they have truly made a unique and vibrant tea. Hand-picked, lightly rolled, with a light roasting gives a lusciously sweet aroma and full mouth feel. Refreshing notes of watermelon combined with the musk aroma make this a dynamic tea that keeps its strength and your interest over many infusions.





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