Darjeeling 1st Flush – Early Spring

2016 Early Spring

Puttabong Tea Estate

Ah, the joy of fresh tea in March!…and this is a special one. This year we chose the first harvest of the year from Puttabong Tea Estate. The 1st harvest means that these were the first leaves to be picked of the year!  Puttabong is an estate of many 1sts…it’s the first official Darjeeling tea plantation, set up in 1852, by Dr. Campbell of England..also the first tea nursery cultivating tea plants.

Speaking of firsts, the first thing we noticed, before even seeing it…the aroma that popped out of the bag..sweet fresh sugarcane and captivating roses, especially strong this Spring (drink this tea now, do not store it!).

Next, checking the appearance, we see a high number of tips and a semi-wild looking nature…how does this translate into a pot of tea?

Making a cup, the abundance of tips yields places the aroma in your cup with a sweet full mouth feel, but still light in color (similar to tippy white teas- but don’t be fooled, this is still a black tea!). Satisfying as Darjeeling is, with the characteristic muscatel (grape-like) notes and strong finish to pull through to the end.

Definitely a specialty tea and a great way to start the Spring season. Now available in sample sizes so we can further share this great tea.




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