Darjeeling 1st Flush Handrolled

Spring 2024

Handrolled Tea from Rohini Tea Estate

Lot: Ex-4. SFTGFOP1

This tea is truly unique due to the extra effort and time of Handrolling. See that curly-q shape of the leaf of so many teas? That’s almost always done by machine these days…so this extra attention & human-hands lends itself to more complexity & humanity in your cup! (in a good way:)

We’ve been buying tea from Rohini since our visit to the Saria family in 2016.
Rohini is located in the lush Kurseong Valley in the Himalayas, at a lower elevation compared to other Darjeeling tea estates, allowing for an earlier 1st flush harvest & truly unique flavor profile.

This is the first handrolled tea we’ve purchased from our friends at Rohini. It gives a notably soft cup with white grape, pink peppercorn, and pomegranate.

If you’re looking for a tea with that something extra special this spring, this is the one. Very small batch production with limited quantity available!





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