Darjeeling 1st Flush North Tukvar

Spring 2023

LC-1 Clonal P312 bushes

First harvest from North Tukvar, one of the first tea gardens established in India. Located near the border with Sikkim, this remote garden is at a lower elevation, around 1500 to 2800 ft, which allows for an earlier premium first flush harvest.

Every year we search for a dynamic Darjeeling First Flush, and this year we found it!

Pouring hot water over the leaf, you can see the bright green leaf grow as it absorbs the hot water…so incredibly vibrant. The initial feel of this tea is fruity, with tropical notes of mango, pineapple, and kiwi. The finish satisfies as only a Darjeeling 1st flush can.

If you’re familiar with 1st flush teas from the Himalayas, this year’s harvest is quite special. The young clonal bushes produce a vibrant fruitiness that is sought after in the world of 1st flush.

If you’re new to 1st flush teas, they are a dynamic style of tea…the leaf looks green, and the cup golden, but when you taste, it should be powerful on the front end and the finish…and that’s what we have here!




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