Darjeeling 1st Flush Risheehat

Spring 2020 First Flush

Lot: EX-24. P312 clonal cultivar.

Grade: SFTGFOP-1

Harvested post-lockdown at the end of April, this uniquely crafted black tea gives a fine drinkable cup with notes of kiwi, startfruit, and tulsi. The tea master chose to lightly oxidize this tea, but then high fired at the end…this yields a unique cup that is both light and fragrant with fruity green notes, but also definitely still a black tea! (How? it has that characteristic muscatel finish)

Risheehat tea garden ranges from 2500 to 4800 ft, and this late season harvest was made at the highest elevation of the estate!

Definitely a very drinkable and interesting 1st flush!






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