Org. Darjeeling 1st Flush Tumsong

Certified Organic

Spring 2016. Dj-1

First pick of the year, and a mighty fine one. This early Spring season harvest is highly recommended if you’re a fan of 1st flush Darjeelings, or just curious about them.

Vibrant with strong notes of warmed peaches, sweet sugarcane, a touch of cooling mint, and that classic muscatel that makes Darjeeling famous.

We visited Tumsong Tea Estate this Spring, walked much of its 350 acres of (mostly) china bush plantings, and watched the tea in production. We felt the cold breezes coming off of the Himalayan ranges, and tasted the resulting teas. Built around a temple to the Hindu Goddess Tamsa in 1867, this garden has something special in its location and spirit.




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