Early Spring Silver Tips – ’15

Yunnan – Spring 2015
High grade, young buds

A high quality white tea from Yunnan Province made exclusively form young buds of the Bi Luo Chun Varietal picked during the first spring harvest. Each delicate tip is covered in fine, silky white hairs that help give this tea its delectably sweet and slightly floral aroma. The brewed leaves have a distinctly green color reminiscent of the Bi Luo Chun varietal from which this tea is made.

Harvested in late February, it is delicate and mild, yet full of fruity flavors. Notes of pine and cedar mingle with a slightly sweet finish. Familiar Bi Lou Chun green tea flavors abound, but are mellowed by that classic white tea smoothness.

This tea has mellowed nicely with age (…don’t we all?)…the sweetness has come more forward, with little to no astringency present. The soft smoothness is reminiscent of a meandering mountain stream.

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