Gong Mei Tea Cake

2013 Pressed White Tea from Fuding, Fujian Province

Gong Mei Grade, Da Bai Cultivar

Aged at our Teahouse in Vermont since 2015

This unique aged white tea was procured for us by our tea friend in Shanghai in 2015. We like to call her our White Tea Master…as she had taken a particular interest in procuring fine white teas in her many travels to Fuding.

Gong Mei is the third grade of white tea, based on tip ratio, and therefore is a full bodied white tea (in contrast to Silver Needle, the top grade with only tips). Our selection has aged quite nicely over the years, mellowing out to with a strong warmed honey aroma, smooth sweet cup with earthy notes of birchbark.

Brewing suggestions:

  • This comes pressed, so we like to brew it similar to puer…rinse the leaves, and steep for many infusions (it will give well).
  • Be aware of leaf quantity used in steeping, because it is very dense, and can get strong after the leaves open up.
  • With that said, it is resistant to bitterness, so don’t let the brewing method intimidate you!
  • We learned of another method on our tea trips to Fuding, where the tea was simmered in the kettle on the stove for 5-10 minutes…this obviously gives a strong cup, and explains why often white tea was referred to as a medicinal tea.




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