Gui Hua Bao Zhong

Winter 2023

Bao Zhong scented with Osmanthus Blossoms

Our Gui Hua Oolong tea is grown in Nan Kang, made in the Bao Zhong style, & scented with fresh osthmanthus blossoms during production. While the osmanthus tree is a type of olive tree, the flowers are small & filled with abundant aromatic sweetness (think honeysuckle).

This tea is clean, fresh, & filled with a classy level of fragrance & sweetness.

We’ve partnered with Mr Liao for our Taiwan tea since the beginning in 2009, & this is the first scented tea he’s offered…& we’ve learned that when Mr Liao offers a new tea, we get it!

Why? Because to meet his standards, it is always a tea of exceptional quality.

Very limited quantity & worth a try to bring some sweet fragrant poetry to your cup.




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