High Mountain Camellia Flower Tea

Winter 2016

Camellia sinensis flowers.

Something interesting has developed in the tea world…normally tea growers do not want the tea plant to flower, as it takes energy away from the leaf. But recently tea growers have found that the flowers themselves make quite a nice infusion.

Grown in an area famous for its pristine mountains and oolong tea production, the high mountain region of central Taiwan, these fresh tea flowers are harvested in late fall/early winter. A difficult process of delicately harvesting and shade drying leads to a beautiful flower tea when brewed on their own, or as an accent to any tea. Just add a few flowers to your green, white, oolong or black tea for a nice touch.

Camellia flowers are subtle by nature, giving a warmed honey cup, with delicate sweet aroma. Definitely an interesting and beautiful way to experience the tea plant.

37.5g in sealed bag.





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