Nepal Organic Handrolled

Autumn 2019

Hile, Nepal
Jun Chiyabari Tea Estate

A hand made black tea from the famed Jun Chiyabari factory. This exquisite tea starts with leaves grown on small family farms dotting the steep slopes of the Himalayas. The fresh leaves are brought together, withered at the factory, and then carefully hand rolled to release the moisture inside the leaves and start the oxidation process. This delicate process gives a unique and beautiful leaf appearance. The fuzzy tips and amber leaves retain their shape and curl around each other creating a fluffy, tangled mass of aromatic black tea. Woody, nutty, and muscatel flavors balance nicely with a slightly floral, sweet perfume aroma.

A delightful late season black tea with bold body yet complex flavors and aromas. Great for Darjeeling lovers who want to try something new!

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