Kagoshima Shincha

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Early Spring 2019

Yabukita #70 Cultivar

Fresh indeed! First pick of the year from the southern Japan tea growing region in Kagoshima!

Collected during our 2019 travels, this selection satisfies with its bright refreshing cup, as well as the crispness delighted by fans of sencha.

Incredibly fresh, with a considerable depth and full body notes of rosewood and umami. All coming to an end with a toasted chestnut finish. Less delicate than our Uji Shincha, but equally as fresh!


Please note: Shipments will begin 5/20/19 !!



1 review for Kagoshima Shincha

  1. Roger Mallory

    So fresh, smooth and refreshing. I like some bitterness in my sencha but the smoothness of this tea is remarkable and very pleasant.

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