Large Glass Teapot

This is a well designed large tempered glass teapot. It pours well and has a spacious glass infuser for optimal tea brewing.

Ok, maybe compared to a lot of what’s out there, 27oz is not that big. But for us this is a large teapot…in fact, we use it for our waterpots (with a tealight warmer) to refill our smaller teapots in the Teahouse. But when there’s a request for “Assam-for-five”, this one does the trick…also great for one big ol’ pot just for yourself.

Tempered glassware is unique in that it allows you to see your tea as it’s steeping. A wonderful way to not only see the beauty of the colors of tea, but also see how strong your tea is brewing!

Includes glass infuser!

Large Teapot is 27 oz.
8.5″ l (tip to end of handle) x 5.5″ w x 4.5″ high

Medium Teapot is 20 oz.

7.5″ l x 5″ w x 5″ h

Now available in 600ml size as well!




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