Maple Charcoal Guan Yin

March 2020 Roasting during Maple Sap Boil

Tea: Autumn Harvest Tie Guan Yin

Charcoal: mix of maple and ash

Partially steamed over maple sap


A truly unique tea! Roasted over hardwood coals during our 2020 maple sap boil (the syrup is really good too, but not for sale!), we carefully crafted this tea with our custom process during the later stages of the sap boil.

This enabled us to alternate roasting and steaming over the boiling sap! Oh, the wonderful aromas…it’s the closest we can get (at the moment) to being in a tea factory.


This tea is medium roasted, hence a golden amber infusion, sweet toasty notes of maple (not surprising!), hazelnut, and vanilla.

Try it now, while freshly roasted, as it will change greatly the next few weeks!

Limited quantity (the sap season is just about over!)





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