Maple Roasted Oolong

Yup, it’s as good as it sounds. Taiwan dark oolong tea roasted inhouse with Vermont Maple Syrup.

A meticulous roasting of local Vermont Maple Syrup with our Taiwan Red Oolong or lighter house roasted Tie Guan Yin Oolong at our Teahouse in Middlebury. This beautiful combination adds character and sweetness to the tea, but does not overtake it…you still taste the fact, the oolong with its smooth malty character melds beautifully with the sweet and robust dark maple.

Please note, this is not a flavored tea! It is simply Maple Syrup from trees near our Teahouse and Oolong tea. Nothing else.

We’ve been secretly offering this in our Teahouse (along with other “off menu” items), and after months of perfecting the roasting process, we felt it was time to share.

Let it be noted, we do believe we are the first!

(…crazy right?)

Current batch:

Jan 2020 Roasting. Taiwan Red Oolong!




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