Maple Steam Guan Yin #1

2022 Limited Batch

Batch #1: Our Yun Xiang Guan Yin Oolong Tea steamed over maple sap & high fired over Vt maple, pine, & cherry charcoal

A truly unique tea! We carefully steamed oolong tea over maple sap, then finish roasted over homemade charcoal during our 2022 maple sap boil (the syrup is really good too, but not for sale!). This custom process is during the later stages of the sap boil, giving a unique maple touch! After the maple syrup is finished, we let the coals simmer down, then do a finish roasting over the coals.

This batch was high fired over a mix of Vermont maple, cherry, & pine charcoal. This process gives the tea a more golden infusion and adds a distinct toasted/smokey touch.

This overall process adds a truly unique profile to your tea, with notes of yuzu, cacao, & applebark that settle into a subtle maple sweetness…all wrapped with that smokey aroma.

(…pardon us getting carried away with the tasting notes…but there’s some complexity in this tea!)

If you prefer less smokiness…definitely try our Batch #2!

Limited quantity…can’t make this again until next year!





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