Maple Steam Nantou Oolong

2023 Limited Batch #1

Our 1st  batch of the year!..steamed with the vapor from boiling Maple Sap and finished roasting over Vermont Cherry & Maple charcoal.

A truly unique tea! We carefully steamed our Nantou Roasted Oolong tea over maple sap, then finish roasted over homemade charcoal during our 2023 maple sap boil (the syrup is really good too, but not for sale!). This custom process is during the later stages of the sap boil, giving a unique maple touch! After the maple syrup is finished, we let the coals simmer down, then do a finish roasting over the coals.

Tea: Nantou Roasted Oolong

Charcoal: Vermont Maple & Cherry

This year we tried some new tea & techniques…first, we selected a darker roasted Nantou Oolong, with more body and a golden/reddish hue already present…Then we did a longer steaming time & a had the coals perfect for a slow finish roasting…the result?…well, highly aromatic with notes of chaga, honey (ironically in a way!), & a pleasantly sweet mouthfeel in the finish.

Limited quantity…we make this in small batches…it takes a lot of work, & we can only do it during sugaring season, so it sells out! Enjoy..




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