Meijiawu Long Jing

Spring 2018: Pre-qingming. 3/22/18 Harvest

The past couple years, we’ve been in the habit of visiting a Meijaiwu tea family right in the middle of the famous tea gardens outside of Hangzhou. Normally we do not sell their teas, but this year, we nailed it with timing, as their early season harvests stood out considerably. This tea is exceptional partially due to the cultivar used (named for the tea village) and to the master final roasting in the traditional wok.

Bright, fresh notes of chrysanthemum and a touch of toasted sesame make this a truly vibrant and sought-after tea.

True Meijiawu tea is a rare find; since it is so famous, it is often counterfeited. Enjoy this tea knowing it’s genuine!




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