Meng Song Hong Cha

Early Spring 2020

Sun-dried and hand crafted Black Tea from Meng Song County, Yunnan, China.

Naturally growing tea plants @ 1600 meters altitude.

We’re so happy to offer this robust black tea from Yunnan. Why?…because we do love ourselves a bold black tea, plus this one offers that added something something that sets it apart from your average black tea…it is both truly unique and exemplary of Yunnan Tea.

Brewing a pot of this tea starts with an eye opening sweet aroma, followed through with notes of cacao, cured tobacco leaf, & dates.

Handrolled in small batches, we recommend this tea both for special occasions (such as a gongfu cha session or birthday for a lover of black teas) as well as one for your daily breakfast tea rotation.

If you like our other Yunnan Black teas, give this one a try for sure.




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