Nannuoshan Mao Cha 2010

Yunnan, China – Fall 2010
Loose leaf Sheng Puer raw material

南糯山 毛茶

This is the original raw material used in our exclusive Stone Leaf Teahouse pressed Nannuoshan Raw Puer. Mao Cha literally means Rough Tea. It is a common term in Yunnan for loose leaf tea that has been picked and withered until dry. It is often the material used for pressing cakes of puer, but it is also a great tea for drinking on its own. This large leaf 2010 Autumn harvest Mao Cha from the Nannuo Shan region was aged for over 1 year in Yunnan before coming to Vermont, where it has continued to develop nicely. Although still very young in character, this tea has a wild flavor with a slight bite in the finish. Notes of chestnut mingle with earthy greens, a mild smokiness, and a great deal of that tea energy – “Cha qi”.

Try this loose leaf version along side its pressed counterpart, Stone Leaf Teahouse Nannuoshan Raw Puer




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