Oo-min’s Oolong

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Spring 2020

Renai Township, Taiwan

A fantastic, organically grown, high mountain oolong from Ren Ai Township in central Taiwan. Entirely processed by Master Oo-min, this unique oolong really showcases the craftsmanship of a highly skilled tea maker. Just like Artist Lin, Oo-min’s tea garden is full of life; insects buzzing, spiders making webs, and butterflies abound.

This beauty of a high mountain oolong is full of vibrancy that hits your pallet like those summer buzzing beings above a field in late afternoon (really!).

Notes of starfruit, melon, & a touch of minty coolness make this a dynamic cup infusion after infusion.

Master Oo-min was referred to us by his dear friend, Artist Lin!





1 review for Oo-min’s Oolong

  1. Barbara

    ambrosial floral
    fresh dew-filled balm on the tongue
    Oo-min’s oolong tea

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