Org Rose White

Stone Leaf Teahouse House Blend.

We do not do many blends, so when we do, we do not take it lightly! We use few ingredients (in this case, two!), and combine them to add nuance to a particular tea.

Often tea companies will use blends to hide the taste of a cheap tea, but not us. We bring quality Certified Organic whole rose flowers and blend them with our Bai Mu Dan white tea.

The Bai Mu Dan brings the soft sweet base and mid notes, while the roses bring those fine aromas you would expect. But there’s more…the Bai mu dan also has soft aroma, which melds with the sharp sweet roses, and adds a layer of complexity.

All in all, we would not serve it if it wasn’t a good tea in itself…but it does look pretty too 🙂





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