Organic Aracha Saemidori

Early Spring 2021

Kagoshima Prefecture

Saemidori Cultivar: さえみどり: “Clear-Green”

Aracha (荒茶 = rough tea) is “Farmer’s tea”. It is the tea as it comes out of the first factory fresh off the tea field. It is before it has been sorted, blended, & roasted. For almost all the Japanese green tea you drink goes through these many steps of production…quite a refined tea! This one, however, is less refined, so to speak!

Usually we do not order aracha…even though we like the IDEA of Farmer’s Tea, we found that when we sampled them, they came out lacking…we had the realization that “hey, there’s a reason for all that extra blending and sorting!”

This Organic Aracha stands out however. It is full of complexity and depth, with a deep steaming, that gives full notes of a mossy freshwater mountain stream, and a sweet aroma.

Certified Organic




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