Organic Mei Bai Cha

Spring 2021 “Plum White Tea”

Certified Organic Green Tea

Mei Cheng Tea Town, Jiande,  Zhejiang Province, 梅城镇

This Anji Bai Cha style Organic green tea gives a lightness below your feet, with sweet floating notes of green melon, pear, and cucumber. A high grade refreshing tea with its youthful tippy leaf (one leaf, one bud), it is best drank fresh! Please enjoy now, rather than savoring!

Grown in an Organic Tea Garden in Mei Cheng 梅城, meaning “Plum Village”,  this region is known for it’s ancient town, poetry, and plum blossoms!

Cultivar: 中白一号 Zhong Bai No.1

In this name, Bai Cha meaning “white tea”, does not make this a white tea. It is called white tea due to the early spring harvests having this pale green color. You can see it in the leaf, especially when steeping. Anji county was home to this lost tea tree for hundreds of years, until the 1990s, when it was rediscovered! Now this special tea tree has spread to other regions, including our partner tea gardens in Mei Cheng.

To encourage you to drink this up, we’ve added an extra discount for larger quantity purchases.





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