Organic Sencha Kyoto

(2 customer reviews)

Uji, Japan
Organic green tea
Spring 2023


A great, Certified Organic green tea from the ancient tea region of Uji. The nutty, green aroma of the dry leaf gives way to a clean, full flavored infusion with a bold oceanic character. We were quite patient in our search for a high quality Organic Sencha, so after many years, we are proud to source this one for you!

This Organic sencha stands up to any sencha on the market.



2 reviews for Organic Sencha Kyoto

  1. Casey Cha

    Okay, I know I work for Stone Leaf Teahouse, so I am not exactly unbiased. BUT I am drinking this tea right now and I just have to say it really is delicious. Smooth, rich and yet delicate, the first brew is even a bit sweet. I am enjoying increasing the temperature of the water as I go and am digging the hint of floral pallet that comes later.

  2. lisajamhoury (verified owner)

    Okay, I *don’t* work for the Teahouse and I can confirm this tea is DELICIOUS! It’s been my daily tea for the past few months now. Bold yet smooth with a little sweetness. Even after months of drinking, I find it such a pleasure to drink each morning.

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