Pinglin Hong Cha

Spring 2015

Pinglin County, Taiwan.

Our first hong cha selection from Taiwan, this Pinglin county black tea is in our words an “everything” black tea. Large leaf and golden curled tips give both a robustness when brewed strong, or a delicacy when brewed with cooler water. Either style, it’s sweet and smooth all the way through. Notes of malt, maple, and orange blossom combine to create an impressive and balanced cup. The first years have shown it ages well, deepening in complexity and keeping strong aromatics from start to finish.

If you are looking for Taiwanese black tea from Sunmoon Lake and/or¬†Taiwan no.18 Hong Yu varietal, then this is the tea for you. This high grade Taiwanese hong cha is comparable to any high grade no.18…just more honest and at a better price. But don’t take our word for it, try for yourself and see.

Great to drink now, or for aging.


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