Pinglin Tie Guan Yin

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Taiwan – Autumn 2017
Medium Roast Oolong


Our slow roasted Taiwanese oolong from Pinglin County in northeastern Taiwan. Lightly rolled leaf opens to a sweet golden cup and pleasant mouth feel. An expertly crafted oolong that is resistent to bitterness, and great complement to a rainy (or snowy!) day.

Roasted in Muja, Taiwan.



1 review for Pinglin Tie Guan Yin

  1. Eileen Fairbrother

    I purchased this tea at the Loka Leaf Tea Lounge in Cazenvia, NY., which is supplied by Stone Leaf Tea House. This is a wonderful, unique oolong. It is more robust than other oolongs. It has a sweet, toasty aroma and gorgeous color. If you like oolongs you may enjoy this one as a slight change of pace.

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