Rou Gui – Gold Medal

Spring 2023

Wu Yi Shan Protected Area. Traditional Roasting.

“Cinnamon” Cliff Tea


This year’s Ro Gui is one of the best harvests we’ve tasted…Master Wang has produced an exceptional tea…and we’re not the only ones to notice, as it has won many awards in local tasting competitions.


One of the 5 famous varietals of Wu Yi Shan that has become quite popular in the past 20 years.

Rou Gui means “Cassia” and is named for its distinctive cinnamon aroma and sweet taste. Our Rou Gui does not let you down. Strong warm sweet cinnamon dominates the flavor profile, while roasting over charcoal adds complexity to both the aroma and cup. This masterful roasting leaves more sweetness than dryness in the finish, not an easy accomplishment.

10g per packet. Great for 2-3 pots of tea.






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