Shui Xian

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Wuyi Shan, China – Spring 2018
Traditional Charcoal Roast

Grown in the protected Wuyi Shan Scenic Reserve in Fujian Province, this Shui Xian varietal is a wonderful example of a dark roast, Chinese Oolong tea.

This spring harvest oolong is carefully roasted over natural charcoal in the traditional method giving it a complex roasted flavor, a touch of smoke, and a dry finish. Light flavors of pine and juniper linger under grounding earthiness and a slight floral aroma.

Each small package contains approximately 8g of tea.

30 packages come in a gift box.

Packaging style may vary!



1 review for Shui Xian

  1. Pat

    Deep charcoal flavor with the soft undertones of earthy balsam. A full nose that is relaxing to the senses. Highly recommend.

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