Stone Leaf Menghai Dark

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2015 Spring harvest. Pressed in 2016.

100g cake Ripe/Shou/Dark Puer

Menghai County, Te Ji Grade Leaf

We’re quite excited to offer our latest custom pressed puer in 100g cakes. Great now, or set aside in a safe place to age, this tea exhibits a smoothness not often found in young ripe puer tea. Sweet notes of Vietnamese cinnamon and chicory root abound…without any bitterness. Definitely a quality ripe puer that will brew dark and heavy if you like, but also holds complexity for those who prefer gong fu cha.

Sold out!…try our other dark puers (we’ve added some new ones!)…also a new batch of stone leaf select is being pressed now, and will be ready by years end!




1 review for Stone Leaf Menghai Dark

  1. steve

    A stellar shou puerh! One of the smoothest, silkiest I have ever had, considering its youth. Last through many steepings, is velvet on the tongue and sinks deep into the soul. Thanks! Great choice!

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